The Nigeria Electricity System Operator, commonly refered to as "System Operator" is a subsidiary of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). The main responsibility of the System Operator is to operate the transmission system and the connected installed generation in a safe and reliable manner. SO is also responsible for the overall security and reliability of the grid system, economic dispatch of available generation resources and maintaining system stability. SO has seven functional departments namely; Operations/Control, System Planning, SCADA, Communications, Technical Services, Transitional Electricity Market and System Performance. SO is headed by the Executive Director (System Operation).

Core Functions:
• Monitoring system parameters while identifying the requirements for maintaining system reliability and stability
• Maintaining and enhancing system reliability, stability and security
• Ensure a stable frequency within the operational limits of 50Hz± - 0.4% with guaranteed quality voltage at all levels and uninterruptible power
supply with minimal loss.
• Conduct system studies, fault analysis, load flow analysis and planning of the power system (real time and future)
• Facilitate merit order dispatch
• Facilitate the operation of power market through bilateral exchange
• Design, Install and maintain SCADA And Communication Facilities for effective Grid Operations
• Enforce the grid code and the operational procedures

Corporate Headquarters - Abuja
National Control Centre (NCC) – Osogbo
Regional Control Centre (RCC):
a. Benin
b. Ikeja West
c. Shiroro
Supplementary National Control Centre (SNCC), Shiroro.

Regional Control Centre, Shiroro – Monitoring grid operations in all the 330kV and 132kV Transmission Substations under the Regional Operations Coordinating Units (ROC) Shiroro. ROC, Shiroro reports functionally and administratively to RCC, Shiroro.

Supplementary National Control Centre – supplementing National Control Centre in its responsibilities of Grid Operations, Monitoring, Control and Network Analysis


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