SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation (SEPCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of POWERCHINA, is a comprehensive engineering company in investment, financing, survey, design, equipment supply, construction, commissioning, and operation of electric power projects and infrastructures. SEPCO enjoys the reputation of "iron army" in the power industry ofChina. SEPCO's main businesses are EPC-based construction of overseas power projects and project investment and financing, with its presence found in Asia, Africa,South Americaand other regions. Since 2000, SEPCO has been awarded 50 projects in India, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria and other countries, with an aggregated contract amount of $ 22 billion; among these projects, 38 are EPC-based power plants valued $ 21.5 billion and with a capacity of 27,000 MW. As China's leading internationalized power project contractor, SEPCO operates four regional companies in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia, three subsidiaries in India, Zambia, and Saudi Arabia, as well as five offices in South Africa, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Russian-speaking region of Central Asia. SEPCO has developed sound partnership with a number of leading companies in the world's power industry. SEPCO provides customers with direct investment and China-sourced financing, planning, design, construction, manufacturing, operation, maintenance and other services, helping customers to share the world's most advanced technology and management, and achieve maximum, comprehensive, cost-effective benefits. Since 2004, SEPCO has been on The ENR Top 250 International Contractors list for ten consecutive years, ranking 61st in 2013, and 11st among the Chinese companies on the list. SEPCO will stick to the cooperative, win-win strategy, and work with global partners to create a better future.


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