Ughelli Power now Transcorp Power is among the 18 electricity successor companies unbundled from Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) in 2003. Owing to various changes in the Federal Government policies on the electricity industry from 1973 to 2009, Transcorp Power has on various occasions changed its name and outlook.

The power station was built in 1964 with an installed capacity of 2X36MW or 72MW from two Stal-Laval gas turbines. Then the station was called Delta I under Electricity Corporation of Nigeria (ECN).

In 1975 six units of General Electric (GE) Frame 5 gas turbines (20MW each) were installed in the station known as Delta II, after the merger of Niger Dam Authority (NDA), Kainji and the ECN to form the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA).

In 1978 additional six units of GE Frame 5 gas turbines, like the ones installed in 1975, were added to Delta Power Station (Known as Delta III) to boost the installed capacity to a total of 312MW, as follows:

Delta I, 2 X 36 72MW
Delta II, 6 X 20 120MW
Delta III, 6 X 20 120MW
Total 312MW

The station was upgraded in 1991 with the addition of 6 X 100MW (600MW) GE Frame 9 gas turbines.

From 2000 to 2008 Delta II and Delta III GE units were upgraded to 150MW station each: built by Hitachi of Japan. The control systems were upgraded to Mark V, a fully computerized control system for Delta II and III. While Delta I was scrapped.

Delta IV control system was also upgraded to Mark V by GE of USA which built the station.

Today, the generation capacity of Transcorp Power stands at 900MW with the Delta II, III & IV running at full capacity. Most of the electricity produced by Transcorp Power is transported through a network of conductors, to the national grid. Transcorp Power has custom fitted Engine starters in Delta II and Delta III turbines enables the station to black start the National Grid in case of emergency or cases of total or partial system collapses.


Office Address:
Kilometre 20 Ughelli-Patani Road, before Ughelli Town, Delta State