Solar Energy Solutions

NERP provides energy solutions in small & medium sized solar power generators capable of powering 1KW -5KW loads and delivering 10KWh per day (1KW per hour over 10Hours) at the low end - 120KW per day (5KW per hour over 24Hours) at the high end.

We offer leased systems, where we own the equipment while the customer pays for the power, as well as outright sales and installation services. While our units are standalone, our target is to provide an aggregate 1.5MW capacity from renewable energy sources over a 5-year period. This can easily be achieved with 1500 residential or commercial customers leasing 1KW units or 300 customers leasing 5KW units.

  1. Solar Panels to receive energy from the sun.
  2. A charge controller to charge the batteries from the solar panels
  3. A power inverter to convert energy from the battery to energy suitable for home use.
  4. Batteries to store energy.
  5. Mounts for the solar panels.
  6. Installation Accessories (Cables, Switch and power controls etc)

The procedure for going green is a four-step process:

  1. Pre-implementation Analysis.
  2. Load Analysis: Measure current power consumption.
  3. Load Optimization: Maximize energy efficiency to reduce waste and ultimately costs.
  4. Load Analysis: Measure current power consumption after optimization to determine required solar capacity.
  5. System Design
  6. Implementation

There are two approaches to moving to solar.

  1. Deploy complete solution all-at-once (Greater instant cost paid one-off)
  2. Adopt a phased deployment approach where the inverter system + batteries are deployed first and the solar components are added later. (Eases the load on the pocket, splitting expenditure into two smaller tranches).
As a first step, the following questions need to be answered.
  1. What is the location of the required installation?
  2. Do you have an existing inverter installation backing up ALL the load you wish to power by solar?
  3. If yes to Q2, kindly provide the specifications in capacity (Kwh and number of batteries).
  4. Do you wish to run on both solar and utility power of 100% solar?

If the answer to Q2 is "No" we can conduct a free load assessment to correctly recommend the capacity of the solution to be installed.

Lease options are available for 1KVA - 5KVA systems. Contact us to request info.

On the average, a 1KVA solar power combined system (running on both solar-70% and utility power-30%) costs circa N1,000,000.00 (all inclusive) to buy. This average cost per KVA does NOT scale linearly but reduces gradually as capacity increases.

A 100% solar solution will cost 30% - 50% more depending on location.

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